Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Coat of Arms

In August 2013 my class was assigned a project to make a coat of arms.  There were several examples shown so we could see that it should created in the way that best portrays who we are.  A mailbox made the most sense to me and as you open the door of the mailbox it exclaims, "You've got mail!"

Unfortunately, I am not savvy enough yet to understand why the sound skips after being converted to a video from PowerPoint.  My apologies for that glitch.

Thank you PierceWorks! and Pierce College for what you do.

Note: Several of the pictures were pulled from various internet sources prior to the understanding of referencing and sourcing.  Most of the photos with the University of Washington Medical center were found on their site.  The real flower pictures were found in various other sites.  Since my college experience, there is clearer understanding of proper accreditation.